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RM knitting machine and safety gloves is loading importers and distributors of glove knitting machines and socks sewing machines sense 2004

“High morality, high efficiency, high quality” is our motto which made our class volumes increase continuously. It’s been 10 years till now we all making people speech soft as much it touches the feet.


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Best Quality

Gloves,Socks and Glove Knitting Machines is our major Products.



Apart from being comfy do you still doubt the long lasting use over your generation? Our machine knit lint free cloths and nylon mixed cotton gloves with School Socks, Formal Socks, Fashion Socks, Sports Socks, Terry Socks, Ankle Terry Socks, Diabetic socks Invisible socks, Arm Sleeves, Arm warmers in Cotton, Nylon, bamboo and Mercerized Cotton, Modal Cotton. As our products were made by cotton, you can’t doubt the purity.Read more...

High morality, high efficiency, high quality is our motto which made our class volumes increase continuously

  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Knitting Machine
  • School Socks
  • Formal Socks
  • Fashion Socks
  • Sports Socks
  • Terry Socks
  • String Gloves.
  • Coated Gloves.
  • Chore Gloves.
  • Hotmill Gloves.
  • Terry Gloves.
  • Computerized Interlock Circular Knitting Machine, 24G.
  • Computerized Glove Knitting Machine, 7G.
  • Computerized Used Quengsheng Glove Knitting Machine, 7G.
  • WD-700-3G Ultra-High Speed Gloves Overlock.

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The clothing is true to size, fabrics are great and styles up to date and GREAT prices. Glad I took the chance, now I'm a happy returning customer.


IT Emp
I completely love this site, found it on EBay at first now I just order directly through them...I am always complemented on my outfits I will be back for more.


This is my very first order through site, and I am totally and completely satisfied! The fit is great and so are the prices. I will definitely return again and again.

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